Shipping Information

Wrong or Incorrect Address.

If you order a product and fail to put the correct address and the package is returned to us, you will be responsible for paying to have the product shipped to the correct address.

When shipping a product we use the exact address you provide, therefore if you input the wrong address or have a typo you will be the required to pay the shipping to have it sent again to the correct address. It is your responsibility as the consumer to ensure you give us the correct address. Be sure to double check for typos before submitting your order.


If your package tracking information shows delivered but you did not receive it, you will need to contact your local post office to see where the package was left. Once a package is confirmed delivered Rasta Supply is no longer responsible for the package.

All orders are shipped within 3 business days. Saturday & Sunday do not count as business days.

The usual delivery time for clothing and accessories is up to 7 days in USA and CANADA,for worldwide may be need up to 15 days.

The usual delivery time for glass smoking equipment is up to 25 days worldwide.